Sunday, December 16, 2007

So I guess I'm an adult now?

Yesterday was graduation. I graduated. I am a college graduate. It's very strange. I'm a college graduate now, I should be responsible or something. I should be job hunting. I should be paying off my credit card. These are all things I am not doing.

In my defense, I've been home for less than two weeks and I've been really busy. And sick! I was sick the last few days. I spent my first two days as a college graduate lying in bed watching Gilmore Girls on DVD. Yay adulthood!

I've also been considering what to spend my graduation money on. See, I'm eligible for an upgrade on my cell phone. When I first started looking I was leaning towards the LG enV because I liked it for the price. But then yesterday as I got my first two graduation checks I realized that I'll have more money lying around when it comes time to buy my phone. See, right now I'm living with my parents so I don't have any bills or anything, and I don't really have anything that I need to spend this money on (aside from paying off my credit card, but I'm working on that) so I think I might just have to upgrade to a fancy new phone. I really want a phone that I can check email on, but for some reason I'm just not a big fan of the traditional Blackberry style smartphones. They just look weird to me. I'm thinking I might splurge and go with the LG Voyager, because why not? Hopefully the price will drop a bit after Christmas and it won't be so expensive.

I've got another month to think it over. I'm not allowed to get my new phone until Mom is eligible for an upgrade as well because I need to help her pick out her phone. I just do what I'm told, it doesn't really make sense to me either.