Saturday, February 21, 2009



Despite having recently admited that I don't fully understand the purpose of Twitter, I created my own twitter account. I'm thinking of it as a social experiment. Follow me @mirandom03.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Jezebel has a great article up right now: The Top 10 All-Time Model/Runway Mishaps. My love for the article doesn't come from a place of schadenfreude (unlike the asshole anchormen in #4 who laugh at poor Kamila who slips while wearing zillion inch heels and carrying a bucket of water. It's hard enough to walk in high heels without throwing off your balance with a watering can!). When I'm walking down the sidewalk and I bite it, I hope I handle myself half as adorably as these models. The models just pick themselves up with a smile and a shrug and keep on going. It's all the more impressive when you realize that a model falling is potentially very serious: had those crazy shoes she's wearing snapped her ankle during the fall, her career could be over. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Are you a Jenny or a Blake?

I know you love Rilo Kiley. Who doesn't? I'm here to pose a simple question:

Jenny or Blake?

Here's what I mean: Lets say (God forbid) Rilo Kiley gets a divorce, and you have to choose between mommy and daddy. You have to choose a side. Do you choose Jenny or Blake?

Jenny would obviously be the more popular choice. She's the front woman, she's fabulous, she's got great hair. Her side projects have gotten serious press. Blake doesn't get nearly as much attention as Jenny, and it's really too bad. He's just as talented as Jenny, musically (ok- I'll grant that Jenny's singing voice is stronger, but Blake has a good voice as well). I think the fact that he's not a cute red-head with big boobs works against him. 

Really it just comes down to which side project albums you can't live without: Rabbit Fur Coat and Acid Tongue v. Go On and Sun, Sun, Sun.

Rabbit Fur Coat and Sun, Sun, Sun came out at the same time three years ago. There was so much press for RFC, you would think John Lennon and George Harrison had come back to life to record a Beatles come back album. Ok, that's maybe a bit excessive, but you get my point. In contrast, there was very little fanfare for Sun, Sun, Sun. But which one has stood the test of time?

For me, it's Sun, Sun, Sun all the way. I barely listen to RFC, but I listen to Sun, Sun, Sun all the time. I like Jenny's new album, Acid Tongue, more than I liked RFC, but it's still pretty new, so it's hard to say how much of my enjoyment is based on the quality of the songs versus the newness of the songs.

So I'm a Blake. I can live without Rabbit Fur Coat, but I can't live without Sun, Sun, Sun. But I'm thankful that this is just a hypothetical and I don't actually have to choose!

For funsies, here is the Elected song that's been stuck in my head these days. The last verse is my favorite: