Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Photo-a-day, Finale and Superlatives

December 29 | I need less of this

December 30 | Us

December 31 | My best bit of 2014

Total likes on Facebook*: 215.
Total likes on Instagram: 168.
Number of Cat Pictures: 5.
Pictures from the "Gold Vault" (aka, pictures that were taken before December): 8. I'm actually surprised it was only 8 pictures, at the time it felt like I was constantly using older pictures.

Most liked picture on Facebook: I need less of this. 37 likes. Clearly liked because of the idea behind the picture, and not because it's an exceptionally cool picture.
Most liked picture on Instagram: Decoration. 13 likes.
Personal favorite, grading on sentimentality: Much loved. Obviously.
Personal favorite, grading on photo fanciness: Pop! Runner-up Sunshine.
Least favorite: Super. I just feel like it's neither an interesting interpretation of the prompt nor a visually interesting photograph.
Hardest shot to get: Believe it or not, Book. To get the angle just right so that you can see the Christmas lights in the background and be able to read the spine on the Little Golden Book (that shiny gold does not photograph well) took a lot of trial and error.
Special award for "Shit I forgot to take a picture, I need to make something up": Celebration. I had intended to take a picture at the family Christmas party, but didn't. So I made up some crap that made "celebration" fit a picture of the ornaments I made as gifts this year.

*Facebook likes are taken from the FMS Photo-a-day group, not from my personal facebook page.

FMS Photo-a-day is going to a weekly format next year, and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I kind of like making the commitment to a whole month at a time. I wasn't planning on doing January anyway, so we'll see if I decide to do another round of photo-a-day in 2015.

Monday, December 29, 2014

December Photo-a-Day Roundup, Part 4

December 22 | 'Tis the Season to...

December 23 | Tree

This is my favorite of my mom's tree-toppers. #fmsphotoaday #tree #gingerbreadmen #treetopper

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December 24 | Color

December 25 | Celebration

December 26 | Animal

December 27 | I like...

December 28 | Book

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Photo-a-day Roundup, Part 3

December 15 | Super!

December 16 | Beautiful

December 17 | Sunshine

December 18 | Sign

Don't tell me what I can't do, Sign! #rebel #fmsphotoaday #sign

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December 19 | Something to be happy about

December 20 | Food

December 21 | This is interesting

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Photo-a-Day Roundup, Part 2

December 8 | Simple Pleasure

December 9 | Decoration

December 10 | Closed Door

December 11 | Something Red

#somethingred #Christmassocks #fmsphotoaday

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Something Red Outtake

An alternate take for #somethingred #fmsphotoaday #catsarejerks

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December 12 | Skyline

December 13 | Much Loved

December 14 | Drink

Sunday, December 07, 2014

December Photo-a-Day Roundup, Part 1

I'm back! I took a brief hiatus, for reasons I'd rather not disclose, but I'm back! I have been keeping up with my 2-new-recipes mid-year resolution, but it seems I always forget to blog about it. Well, this year I made half of our Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, so I'm going to let that carry me through the end of the year for new recipes.

So, instead of a new recipe post, I'm doing another month of FMS Photo-a-Day. Instead of a big monthly wrap-up, instead I'm going to do smaller, weekly photo roundups. Here are the prompts for this month:

And here are my first week of photos:

December 1 | Fruit

December 2 | Grass

December 3 | Pop!

Pop! #stressrelief #bubblewrap #pop #fmsphotoaday

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December 4 | Free (I couldn't decide between lighthearted or serious, so there are two for this day)

Making #free gift bows out of junk mail. #handmadeChristmas #fmsphotoaday

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#tbt when we visited Arlington Cemetery while waiting for Abby's flight to arrive. #free #fmsphotoaday

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December 5 | Me

December 6 | Joy is...

#joyis #fmsphotoaday

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December 7 | Weekends are for...