Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ok, I don't want to get all emo on you or anything, but this past week has been awful. Let me list the ways.
  • I had a terrible head-cold all week.
  • I had four tests.
  • I scored a D on one of the tests.
    • If I keep getting Ds on his tests, I'm going to get a D in the class.
    • Ds are failing grades in major classes.
    • This is supposed to be my last semester of classes. If I fail, I'm screwed.
  • My friend Delores was in the hospital. She missed a week of classes, but I didn't find out until yesterday that she was in the hospital. She was back in classes today.
  • I've been working well above my maximum hours a week.
  • My great aunt died. She was ninety and had suffered a stroke, so it really wasn't a suprise, but still sad.
Add to this all the normal stresses and I seriously feel like my brain and my soul are melting.

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gilda said...

it's been more than a week since your post, but i do hope things are looking up for you.