Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Thank you very much for your candor."

So I saw the trailer for Hamlet 2 today and was more than a little amused. The basic premise is a failed actor turned high-school drama teacher writes the sequel to Hamlet in an attempt to save the drama program. Perhaps you're wondering how there could be a sequel to Hamlet since, as Catherine Keener points out in the trailer, everybody died at the begining of the first one. Well, the answer involves time machines, light sabers, and Satan french kissing President Bush. That last one might be art imitating life. Hamlet 2 also features the most inappropriately catchy song I've heard in a while: "Rock Me Sexy Jesus." It was stuck in my head most of the day. And is it just me or is there something a little "Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors" about "Rock Me Sexy Jesus"? I think it might be intentional.


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