Friday, July 31, 2009


I work as a cataloger in a library, so I spend a good portion of my day staring at the copyright page (also known as the CIP page). This is unremarkable except for the fact that the CIP page usually faces the dedication page. So many dedications are boring and of the "For J.P." variety that I've really started to appreciate those that have sweet, funny, or just interesting and unusual dedications. Here are two I came across today:

From You Must Be This Happy To Enter by Elizabeth Crane: "For Nina, I'm sorry I stole your hat. Yours 'til Lois Lane." If I ever write a book and dedicate it to Abby, I feel the dedication would be similar to this one. Actually, it would probably be: "For Abby. Thanks for picking me up at the airport. I'm sorry I drank all your wine."

From The Book of Night Women by Marlon James: "To the railroad of bones." I have a feeling I would actually understand it if I read the book, but it's a very interesting dedication.

My personal favorite dedication of all time comes from Why Girls are Weird (I haven't moved my books to my apartment yet, so I'm quoting this from memory so I might be a little off. It also might come from Why Moms are Weird.): "My heart beats: Mommy. Bosie. Stephen."

Abs, any great dedications? If you dedicated a book to me, what would it read?

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