Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Photo-a-day Roundup

This month I started doing the FMS Photo-a-day Challenge. For those of you who don't know, each month a new list of vague prompts are posted to the FMS blog. Then you take a photo using that day's prompt as your inspiration and post the photo to your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag "fmsphotoaday." Why am I doing this? Because I like taking pictures, and this game gets me to take different kind of pictures. As in, not just 30 pictures of my cat. Don't get me wrong though, there are still cat pics. Here were the prompts for this month:

And here are my photos for March (the photos and captions are straight from my instagram feed):

March 1-9: No photos, I didn't start playing until the 10th.

March 10 | Far Away
Jumping on the #fmsphotoaday bandwagon. So what if we're already 10 days into the month? Thought of this song immediately upon seeing today's prompt. Listening to it at my desk and thinking of friends who are so #faraway

March 11 | Something Good
Guacamole from Los 3 Burritos. #somethinggood #fmsphotoaday

March 12 | Partial
Almost done with the top border! #partial #crossstitch #fmsphotoaday

March 13 | Fresh
Mmmmm #fresh coffee #fmsphotoaday

March 14 | Care
For those of you who #care (and I hope that's everyone), the Veronica Mars movie was great! Go see it now! #veronicamarsmovie #VeronicaMars #fmsphotoaday

March 15 | Evening
A good #evening. #fmsphotoaday

March 16 | Beautifully Ordinary
#BeautifullyOrdinary: taking a nap with my grandpa when I was just a baby. Four years ago today my grandpa lost his battle with lung cancer. Thinking of him today and remembering all the beautifully ordinary moments we shared. #fmsphotoaday

March 17 | Today's Weather
#TodaysWeather: Illinois versus Jamaica. One week until our vacation! #countdown #fmsphotoaday

March 18 | Five Years Ago
#FiveYearsAgo (or, more accurately, four years & ten months ago) my mom, Grandma, sister, and I went to Walt Disney World and had lunch at Cinderella's Castle. #fmsphotoaday #Disneyworld #CinderellasCastle

March 19 | Cropped
#fmsphotoaday #cropped

March 20 | Letter
My office contains a multitude of Ms! #letter #fmsphotoaday

March 21 | Full
Suitcase is almost #full! It's almost vacation time! Sorry, Arya, you and your mouse don't get to come. #fmsphotoaday #catchup

March 22 | Morning
#Morning at the library. The only time of day when the building is actually quiet. #fmsphotoaday

March 23 | I'm Loving....
I'm loving that *this* is where she chooses to lounge. My little weirdo. #catsofinstagram #fmsphotoaday #imloving

March 24 - 29 | No pictures. I was on vacation and didn't carry my phone with me. Which is unfortunate in hindsight, because some of those prompts would have worked perfectly with vacation pics. I mean, "I am here (March 26)" am I right?

March 30 | Fast
Looking at pictures from our vacation that went by way too #fast. #fmsphotoaday

March 31 | Faux
Faux wood floor, faux fur mouse. Real fur cat. #fmsphotoaday #faux

Well, there we have it. My favorite pictures are a toss-up between "Beautifully Ordinary" for sentimentality and "Five Years Ago" and "Morning" for just being cool pictures. I only missed about half the days in March, let's see if I can do any better in April!

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