Monday, June 09, 2014

Weekend Stitchery: Cat Alphabet

This weekend I decided to actually watch some of the half-dozen or so DVDs I've checked out from the library. Because it's impossible for me to sit still and watch a movie without having something to do with my hands, I decided to stitch something. The Steotchalong is coming up soon so I decided to pick a simple project that I could have done in under a week. The pattern I picked ended up being a lot quicker to stitch than I had anticipated, I had it done in two sittings spread over two days (maybe about 4-6 hours?). So now it's framed in my living room and I still have six days until the Steotchalong begins. I guess I'll have to find some other way to keep myself busy. Maybe I'll clean my apartment.

I found this project on Pinterest and adjusted the pattern a little to align it more to my liking and add the date (similar to #2, but my own version).
Pin #1: pattern
Pin #2: finished piece

And here's my finished project:

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