Monday, March 28, 2016

Photo-a-day 2016: Week 12 Wrap-up

This post is a few days later than usual due to me going out of town for the holiday weekend and not wanting to take my computer with me. There are also a lot of cat and cat-related pictures this week, because I got lazy.


Cat pics this week: 3
Cat pics this year: 21

Most likes this week: March 21 "This is new" with 25 likes.
Most likes this year: January 14 "Close-up" with 30 likes.

Fewest likes this week: March 18 "Big and Small" with 12 likes.
Fewest likes this year: March 15 "Gift" and February 8 "Family" with 5 likes each.

84 days down, 282 days to go.

March 18 | Big and Small

March 19 | Cooking

March 20 | Movement

March 21 | This is new

March 22 | Vegetable

March 23 | A favorite

March 24 | Hands

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