Friday, March 09, 2007

Carolina Vacation: Day One

I just flew in from Chicago, and boy are my arms tired! Well, actually, my all of me was tired. And I didn't just fly in, I flew in yesterday. And what a day it was!

So my trip began with Mom and Grandma driving me to the airport. Always an adventure, driving with those two. At one point we got off on the wrong exit, but luckily we were able to get right back on. Whose idea was it to put I-290, I-90, and I-190 right by each other? Bastards.

So finally I got to the airport. I tell you, I will always travel with carry-on luggage only, because you can check in at this little kiosk thing and not have to wait in that line to check your baggage. And I love traveling on the little express planes because you can gate-check your suitcase. In case you don't know, gate-checking is where they take your larger carry-on luggage right before you get on the plane, and then you get it back right when you get off. It's very convenient.

Once I was on the plane, I learned quickly that our flight attendant was new. She seemed to be very frazzled and she didn't have the speech memorized. I have the speech mostly memorized, so she should have it too. And then they couldn't get the door to the plane closed. That is most definitely not good. I'm not normally afraid of flying, but I did have a slight fear that mid-flight the door was going to pop open and then we would all die. And that would really have put a cramp in the plans. But, thankfully, I arrived safely in Greenville, SC at about 5pm local time.

We had about three hours to kill before the show, so in true Abby and Miranda fashion, we went to the mall. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays and it was perhaps the fastest meal we've ever had. The service was quick, we ate quickly, it was all good. So then we shopped. Victoria's Secret had about a bajillion panties on sale, so I had to buy some. We also admired cute shoes and handbags that we can't afford. Around 8 we ran back to the car, grabbed some clothes, and then changed in a restroom inside the mall. We are so very awesome.

Then Joe! Oh, Joe, you are so lovely and sooooo talented. I'll post more about the show later (with pictures) but for now just let me say that Joe played the Fraggle Rock theme song and a mash-up of The Blower's Daughter and Saving all the love.

It was a good night.

Check back in soon for day two of the on-going saga.

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