Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All the drama I could ever need

When was the last time you watched reruns of ER on TNT? If you're me, you watch everyday. In fact, if you're me, you spent the weekend messing with the vcr/tv connection so that it would properly record ER everyday, even days when I have to work. I don't know why I'm getting into ER now, like 37 years after it premiered, but I'm totally going to be checking the seasons out from the library.

If you're like me and lead a very uneventful life during which you probably only have about 4 hours of stuff to do everyday, you might as well just watch TNT all day. You can do your work when Las Vegas or Charmed is on. Back in my younger days (about a month ago before I started working) when I could stay up until 3am or so on a weeknight, it was a happiness of mine to be able to catch old episodes of The X-Files late at night. I kinda wish they would show the X-Files at some other time during the week so I wouldn't only be able to watch if I could will myself to stay awake that late. Maybe I can check those DVDs out too.

Of course on Thursdays you're gonna hafta watch USA, because TNT completely changes it's schedule to show NBA games. But that's ok, because Law & Order is probably on USA.

Moral of the Story: With TNT and USA (and occasionaly the Discovery Channel) you never have to leave the house or interact with others. It's a good thing, I promise.


Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

I also wish X-Files was on in the daytime, Maybe check the sci-fi channel listings.

Its amazing we were both watching Law&Order last night. I actually thought it was one of the worst episodes I've ever seen. After the police part, the lawyering was outrageous. I thought Jack McCoy was a little classier than that. And the half-dead guy? Ugh. One of the best closing arguements ever though. Very nice.

Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

So I think I'm going to finish Atonement this weekend.

I feel like I'll need a change of pace from Romance-novel British Lit.

I recently purchased Vivian Cash's (Johnny's first wife) autobiography. I also have a book about the psychology of the people that put Hitler in power, Love in the time of Cholera and two Jane Austins I haven't read yet (though those last are gonna have to wait a bit.)

I could check out a copy of Love is a Mix tape.

I could do entries on comedians of the 50's and 60's.

I don't know which way to go... Help?