Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last night was Relay for Life here in Wilmington. Laura was participating, so I went down to support her team and check it out. I didn't stay for long, but I did convince my mom to buy me a raffle ticket so that I could put one in for the basket that my sister donated. Well, mom bought me 10 tickets, so I bid on many baskets. And I was a winner! Here's what I won:

1) I put my mom's name on this ticket, so I guess technically she was the winner here. We won some beaded jewelry that was made by a member of Laura's team. I don't actually like the jewelry, but I had ten tickets to get rid of.

2) The Chocolate Lover's basket. It's basically a bucket full of Hershey's Greatest Hits. My mom ate all the Milk Duds, which is kinda depressing, but I've still got enough candy to last me the rest of the week.

3) The Gourmet Delight basket. I don't remember what basket this is... it might be the one the Spiritline donated, which would be the only reason I put a ticket in for that one. I don't actually have this one in my hands yet, Laura must have forgotten to grab this one before she came home. They just called and I'll have to go pick it up later today.

4) Yes, I won the basket Laura donated. But wait! The story gets better:

Around Christmas last year my mom won a raffle at Morgan's dance recital. It contained a tea kettle, some teas, and some coffee cups. We're not a tea drinking house, so it sat in our closet gathering dust for six months until Mom had the brilliant idea to do the ultimate re-gift: donate it to the Relay for Life raffle. Laura bought new coffee cups, though, because one of the cups said "All I want is a normal life" which seemed a little insensitive for a cancer benefit. The cups she bought were from Target, and they're really cute. That's the whole reason I put one of my tickets in for the basket, because I wanted the cups. I didn't think I'd actually win. Now, I have my new lovely coffee mugs and the tea kettle is yet again sitting in our hall closet. If we haven't found another raffle to donate it to in the next year, Sara may well be seeing it as a wedding gift.

Also: Laura's team, Jenna's Joggers, managed to raise $4500. Go team!!


Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

You won four baskets? Were there no other bidders? Were the tickets outrageously expensive? How did you win four? Your luck is too good.

Does Sara drink tea? Is this tea gift basket in the $25 range? My family does a grab bag Christmas gift exchange...

miranda. said...

I have no idea how much the kettle costs. But, yes, Sara drinks tea. I don't know what kinds she likes or if she would use a tea kettle, but I have heard her say on more than one occassion that she prefers tea over coffee.

For every basket I put a ticket in on there were at least 10 other tickets in the bag, and that was four hours before they drew the winners, so I'm sure more people put their names in. I'm just really lucky.