Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Good and The Bad

First of all: Obama! Obama! Obama! I feel bad that he's inheriting all the problems Bush created, but, hey, things can't get any worse. I have faith, Obama.

But, it's not all good news. Those of you who have an interest in gay rights will be saddened to know that gay-marriage bans passed in 4 out of 5 states, including California.

Read more about the election results you care about at feministing.


Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

Yay for Barack. I'm so proud to be living in a (mildly) post-race America. Plus our president lived in Chicago. Midwest represent, yo.

That said, check out this site for some thoughts about what might happen following the passing of prop 8.

Also, after like the 3rd posting of links to feministing I've added the site to my Google Reader. Expect me to be drinking the feminist kool-aid.

miranda. said...

I enjoy feministing. They often have posts about racism and gay rights, so it's not exclusively about "feminism", it's more about equality. Which I'm all for.