Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Back.

According to facebook, I have already done something "tomorrow." (Click the picture to embiggen.) Time travel is awesome, yo!

Also, I purposefully left in the ads along the right side of the page when I was cropping. I just wanted to point out that when I was listed as "single" I was only getting ads for fad diets and dating services (the latter I tagged as "irrelevant", the former as "offensive"), now that I'm listed as "in a relationship" I get ads for engagement rings and other wedding shit. It's not as pronounced as when I was listed as "single," but Facebook's targeted ads are ridiculous. Because all single girls need to lose weight and find a man, and all girls with boyfriends want to get married. Now. I literally LOLed out loud when I changed my relationship status and the very first ad when I refreshed my profile was an ad for engagement rings. Ha! Even when I do get engaged, I don't want a diamond, so there!

(And, in case it wasn't obvious, my subject line is a reference to Diane Court's valedictorian speech.)

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