Monday, April 06, 2009

Name that Tune FTW

A few weeks ago I was watching TV late at night when I thought I heard Pot Kettle Black in a commercial for Observe and Report. I wanted to verify, but I couldn't find the clip on youtube and I didn't see the commercial again, so I assumed I had been hallucinating. Happens all the time. Well, I finally found the commercial on youtube, so I know that I'm not actually going crazy. This commercial is a little different than the one I've been seeing, because the one I've been seeing actually plays less of the song, therefore earning me more points in Mr. D's game of "Name that Tune." True story: in first grade I kept falling asleep during Mr. D's music class and apparently it was such a problem my parents had to be called. I guess I was the first Wilmo student to be bored to Zzzzs by Mr. D. I would not be the last.

[Points to self] Winner. Also: If you go to the actual youtube page for this video, you can see me win at Name that Tune in the comment section.

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