Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thick Beauty, Whiskey Baking, and Ice Cream Tragedy

What Abby and I were chatting about one year ago today (yeah, it's gonna be a thing now.)

me: thoroughly enjoying today's Peanuts cartoon. after charlie brown tells her "beauty is only skin deep," Lucy responds with "I deny that! My beauty is not only on the surface, it goes down deep.... layer after layer after layer. Yes, sir! I have a very thick beauty!"

Abby: hells yes. btw, I'm still reeling from that whole Jack Daniels situation.

me: i know, right? although it kind of makes me want to try adding some JD to the brownies I'm gonna make. but I'd probably eff that up, and I don't have much Jack left in my apartment. i'd rather drink it than do experimental baking.

Abby: exactly. I kind of thought the same thing, I was like "Hm I should put a splash of Jack in everything I cook.... OR! I could just drink it often and that would actually be much more satisfying."

me: yeah. although i do love the jack daniels grill stuff at tgi fridays. maybe i just need to stock up on jack daniels steak sauce.

Abby: that sounds much more practical.

me: Dude! I just freaked out bc i checked to see how much that steak sauce is, and i thought it said $44 for a 10oz bottle. Turns out it was $44 for a pack of 6 10oz bottles. that's a bit more reasonable. i was like "how on earth is it that much more expensive thanactual Jack?" it was very similar to the freak-out i had last night when i thought i left the bag containing my Ben & Jerry's at the grocery store.

Abby: you're a little panicky. Maybe you should stop jumping to outrageous conclusions.

me: hey, i thought i left my 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's (Smores and Phish food) at Jewel, which is a 20 minute drive each way. it would have been tragic.

Abby: yes. that is the definition of tragedy.

A recurring theme I've discovered while reading old chat logs? I say I'm gonna do a lot of stuff that I never do. I never bought JD steak sauce and I never made JD brownies. And I'm a complete panicker, but we already knew that.

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Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

A recurring theme in these throwbacks is that we're awesome. Also, now I want some Jack Brownies. Do you think that would be an appropriate gift to bring to Erica's birthday party this weekend?