Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hold on to this lullaby

I'm taking a break from the other things I really should be writing to say that I am OBSESSED with this song.

This song is fantastic. It was written for the Hunger Games soundtrack, and it does an amazing job of capturing a mood without being blatantly about the games. I've been ambivalent about Taylor Swift in the past, but if this is the direction she's going to go in with her music I can see myself becoming a huge fan. Clearly she should only write songs with T Bone Burnett from now on. The song is gorgeous and haunting, and Taylor's voice has never sounded so beautiful.

PS, I'm going to see the movie for a second time tonight, this time with my mom, grandma, and sister. Mom and sis haven't read the books, so it'll be interesting for me to hear their interpretations.

EDITED TO ADD: I have not yet read the third book, so I ask you to be mindful of spoilers if you leave a comment.

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