Thursday, May 24, 2007

iPod Oracle: Take Two

Seeing as it didn't work so well last time, I thought maybe I'll try it again. See if maybe things work out any differently. This time I'm going to try concentrating a little harder. Here goes:

#1 - More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
Well already this is looking up. And it makes me a little bit happier that the version that actually popped up was a really early live performance of the song before the album was released and the song was called "Let Me Be Loved." I'm all for that. Let's just ignore the whole shotgun wedding part of the song.

#2 - Halloween - RENT soundtrack
This doesn't really tell me anything. The song is lame and really it's only purpose is to let the viewer know that a year has passed. And then it recaps what already happened. This is what you give me, iTunes?

#3 - Just Drums - Tapes 'N Tapes
Yeah I don't know. There are a few lines here and there, but mostly it doesn't make sense. Whatever.

#4 - I'll Be - Edwin McCain
Wow. That's a little cheesier than I expected. But not bad.

#5 - The More You Ruv Someone - Avenue Q
"The more you ruv someone the more you want to kir them" Ha!

And, since I did a 6th last time, here's numero 6:
#6 - Salute My Shorts! (The hidden track on Take Offs and Landings) - RK
"Now it's just like we never was/ some things go by just because."

1 comment:

Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

you should give up on your ipod and switch to canadian radio.

check out my friday lunchtime playlist:
1. R.Kelly- I Believe I Can Fly
2. The Fujis- Killing Me Softly (so much more awesome than the Roberta Flack version)
3. Hansen- MMBop
4. Loverboy- Working for the Weekend (Friday afternoon special!)
5. Earth, Wind, and Fire- Star
6. Johnny Hates Jazz- Shattered Dreams

I could read tons into that... Like "i'm so done working, tgif!"