Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mighty Big Change

You know, I didn't think web design could kill my soul.

But then today I clicked the TWOP button in my toolbar.

Now, I've been reading televisionwithoutpity.com since it was mightybigtv.com. I began reading for the Gilmore Girls recaps, and that show premiered in 2000, so we're going to assume that I started reading MBTV in early 2001. Back then, the site looked like this:Last Friday this is what the website looked like: Six years passed and very little changed. A lot has changed since I first started reading TWOP, but the website itself never changed. Always snarky, always funny, always great.

Earlier this year TWOP was bought by Bravo. At first I was a tad worried about it, but months later not much had changed about the website at all. The biggest change would be that some of the articles that would have normally been featured on fametracker.com were instead featured in Mondo Extras. That was it, the biggest difference. Then today I click the button...What. The. Fuck. !? This is so... weird. The thing I hate the most about the new layout is that instead of the little drawings associated with each show, there's a picture. How am I supposed to read Supernatural recaps without the Big Gay Dragon? This sucks. I hate so much about the things it chooses to be.

A big thanks to the way back machine for letting me time travel back to simpler times (like last week) in order to grab some screen caps.

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