Monday, September 24, 2007

Stories from Home

Jaccie: did you hear about grandma and Lou's boyfriend?
Me: no
Me: tell!
Jaccie: hahaha.
Jaccie: well, me, laura, your mom, katrina, the BF and morgan were sitting at the table. now, he was sitting away from the kitchen facing the door to the hallway
Me: this is at my house, yes?
Jaccie: anywho grandma walks in and we're laughing because trina was going on about how she's the hated grandchild because she didn't get a quilt.
Jaccie: yes. at your house.
Jaccie: and grandma came in from the garage and we're all talking and joking and she puts her arms around the BF and she's like hugging him and patting him on the chest...then she walks over around the table and she's like "OMG! I THOUGHT YOU WERE JACOB!"
Jaccie: and then the BF turned a nice shade of coke can red.
Jaccie: and we all laughed.
Jaccie: and then Laura introduced them.
Me: ahahahahahahha that's fantastic
Jaccie: and grandma had to tell him that she's usually not so loving.
Jaccie: i know.
Jaccie: good times.
Me: i'm giggling like crazy now. ha! i'm sure everyone else in my office thinks i've lost my mind. either that or the Molokai news release is HILARIOUS
Jaccie: lol.
Jaccie: it seriously was the funniest awkward moment EVER
Me: i would have peed laughing
Jaccie: cuz we're all like....hmm. why is grandma hugging this kid?
Me: i love it.
TinyDancer426 (11:16:23 AM): oh those are good ones.
JACC1E (11:16:35 AM): and trina told the one about knives, and the barbie toilet

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