Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The movie that changed your life

Pajiba's latest comment diversion asked us readers to list the songs, albums, and/or movies that changed our lives. Here was my response:

'Take-offs and Landings' by Rilo Kiley is definitely the album that changed my life. I don't remember now what prompted me to buy it, but by the time I was halfway through "Science vs. Romance" I knew I'd found my new favorite band. I've since bought everything available (including the recent Under the Blacklight, which was disappointing). This was at the beginning of my search for good music outside the mainstream, and it was a wonderful gateway tool to a seemingly endless supply of great music.

As for a specific song, I'd have to say 'Shannon Marie' by Joe Firstman. It's one of the most beautiful and personal songs I've ever heard by any artist, and it started my love affair with his music and my desire to date a musician so that he could write an equally beautiful song about me. The last 40 seconds or so still give me chills, it's so good.

A movie that changed my life? I'd have to say Almost Famous. It's been my absolute favorite movie since the moment I saw it, and the film has definitely helped to shape who I am today, more so than any other film I've seen.

If you aren't a Pajiba reader, I highly recommend checking them out. I've been reading for years. I remember back in the day when they only posted items on Friday afternoons or over the weekend, whenever they got around to seeing the movies. They're growing up before our eyes, what with seeing advance screenings and doing interviews with writers and such! And now they update every day. Check 'em out, you won't be disappointed.

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