Saturday, November 17, 2007

You can google me any time

So there's this commercial for some insurance or something and they talk about how you can call a number to get a "rate quote." I *know* they say "rate quote." I KNOW this. But... I don't hear "rate quote." I hear "rape quote." Erica hears it too. Always it makes us wonder what exactly is a "rape quote?" Is that like how high I rate on the rapeability scale? If I call that number are they going to tell me how many guys want to rape me? The cost? QUALITY? I don't know. This is how my brain works.

So I have a meter on this page that tracks the number of people that visit this here blog. It can also tell me how people find my site. Usually people find a link on Abby's blog or somewhere I've posted. Sometimes they find me by searching for the coffee and hairspray quote. Usually people find my site because they're Abby. But while reviewing my last sitemeter report, I saw that someone found my site by searching for my first and last name. I want to know who in Chicago (yes, it tells me location) would know me enough to a) know my first and last name and b) actually go to the trouble to google me but c) not already know I keep this thing. Now, I admit, I google myself. Sometimes I google my friends. But I don't know anybody in Chicago that would be googleing (googling?) me. The fact that this person is apparently still using Windows 98 is also bizarre. Site meter is a tad big brother, no?

What I'm trying to say is I wonder how many people are going to find this site by googling "rape quote."

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