Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is how it works

I don't understand how some people view deals. I bought two ink cartridges today and got a free $10 gift card. Some people would think "$40 in ink and all you get is $10? LAME." But, you see, I was going to buy the ink anyway. I needed the ink. The $10 gift card was just a bonus, a surprise. That's how it works. I didn't go in thinking "I can get $10 if I spend $40!" Nobody thinks like that. That's dumb.

Same goes for the reward program. I'm not going to go and spend $250 just so I can get $5 in certificates. Just, no. But, if I'm going to spend $250+ anyway, say I'm buying a new stereo, then why not join the reward program? It's not hurting me, I was going to spend $250 anyway. So now I can get $5 off, say, a DVD in the future. A DVD I probably would have bought anyway, at full price.

This is how it works. I never understood the people who would buy like $600 worth of stuff and not sign up for RZ. That's $10 towards whatever you want that you're just passing on. I don't get it.

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