Friday, January 08, 2016

Photo-a-day 2016: Week 1 wrap-up

Seeing as how I've had trouble in the past sticking to monthly photo-a-day projects, I decided to do the most logical thing. Trying to keep up with a photo-a-day project for ALL of 2016. It's definitely going to work out and no way that I'll get bored after a couple weeks and stop (or just straight-up forget).

Number of cat pictures: 4
Most likes: Jan. 5th "Leaves" with 21 likes. I'm only going by likes on Instagram, since I don't share all of my p-a-d pictures to facebook or the FMS photo-a-day group. If I was counting likes on all social media sites, Jan 7th "Reading" would be the winner BY FAR, since it currently has 19 likes on instagram, 39 likes as my facebook profile picture, and a whopping 335 likes on the FMS photo-a-day group.

January 1 | Black and White

January 2 | What I did today

January 3 | Water

January 4 | Circle

January 5 | Leaves

January 6 | Something blue

January 7 | Reading

7 days down, 359 to go.

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