Friday, January 22, 2016

Photo-a-day 2016: Week 3 Wrap-up

Still haven't missed a day. This might be the farthest I have ever made it into a photo-a-day challenge without forgetting to take a picture.

Quick stats:
Cat pics this week: 2
Cat pics this year: 7 (so, basically, 1/3 of all my pictures have been of my cat)
Most likes this week: January 16 "Chair" with 21 likes
Most likes this year: January 14 "Close-up" with 30 likes
Fewest likes this week: January 19 "In the hand" with 7 likes. I can't believe a picture of my laundry got more likes than this picture.
Fewest likes this year: January 19 "In the hand" is now my least-liked photo-a-day picture.

21 pictures down, 345 to go.

January 15 | Mail
January 16 | Chair
January 17 | Faceless
A photo posted by Miranda C. (@mirandom03) on
January 18 | White
January 19 | In the hand
A photo posted by Miranda C. (@mirandom03) on
January 20 | Patterns
January 21 | Morning

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