Thursday, August 31, 2006

...I know.

I love General Hospital. There's nothing wrong with a little soap opera love, right? I mean, I lead a really boring life. Aside from the occasional concert awesomeness, nothing interesting ever happens to me. But, see, there's always something interesting happening on a soap. Always. Erica has been a fan of the GH for quite some time now, and she got me hooked last year when we were living in the dorm. I've been watching regularly ever since, but Erica is currently boycotting because Sam slept with Ric (her step-father). ...I know. But Sam is one of my favorite characters so I'm hoping that everything works out for her and Jason. Ric can jump off a bridge for all I care. My other favorite characters are Lulu and Dillon. They recently had a one night stand (actually, it seems like it was ages ago, but I digress. It also may have been more than one night, but I don't really remember) and Lulu ended up pregnant. Did I mention that Dillon is Lulu's stepbrother? ...I know. But I don't really acknowledge the fact that Lulu's dad is actually married to Dillon's mom, because, well, they're never together, and if they are together, they're never happy. Lots of fighting.

Anyway, here is a conversation from earlier today when I was watching the tape of yesterday's episode. Note my constant misspelling of "Dillon" and "Quartermaine."

Miranda: oh lulu and dylan are about to have a "my body"/"my baby" throw down.
Erica: OH BAJEESUS. There might be boxing.
Miranda: i think so. dylan definitely seems like the type to beat up a pregnant girl. although, honestly, i think lulu could take him.
Erica: i think she could too. i have a feeling he might turn and flee if she pulled his hair.
Miranda: yeah. lulu's hardcore. she'll fight dirty.
Erica: she'l kick him in the nards. totally.
Miranda: yeah. it's definitely gonna happen.
Erica: totally.
Miranda: i really don't like maxie. i'm gonna slap a bitch. she keeps trying to break up lucky and liz. i'm not happy 'bout this.
Erica: she's a ho. most def.
Miranda: she's evil. and she has a stupid name.
Erica: she does. she should die.
Miranda: yeah! she should catch lung cancer from alexis! i mean... lung cancer is totally a communicable disease. or-- hasn't maxie had a heart transplant? time for her to have another (unsuccessful) transplant. or am i thinking of a different character?
Erica: nope, maxie had a heart transplant when she was younger. think it's too late for her body to reject the organ?
Miranda: no, it's never too late, i say. and i'm a doctor.
Erica: woot. go operation: die maxie die.
Miranda: it's really annoying that grandpa quartermaine (sp?) keeps refering to lulu's baby as "the quartermain heir." it's... creepy.
Erica: he's creeptastic.
Miranda: yeah he is. he's always angry at somebody. it's like they only bring him on to be angry.
Miranda: and dylans mom is also a crazy bitch
Erica: yes. yes she is.
Miranda: Lulu & Dylan are about to start boxing!
Miranda: i thought for a second that lulu had dylan convinced but he's still against the abortion.
Miranda: carly and jax have been having the same argument for like 3 days.
Miranda: it's really dull
Erica: lol. it takes someone like a week to sneeze on a soap opera, so i'm not surprised
Miranda: yeah. i think by the time lulu decides to get the abortion she'll be about 27 months pregnant. like an elephant.
Erica: hot
Miranda: oh yeah. i'm intrigued by this storyline. on one hand i completely understand why she wants an abortion (probably the best idea, all things considered), but on the other hand, they would have an adorable baby!
Erica: they would. it would be witty with fabulous hair.
Erica: they might have ryan reynolds
Miranda: yes. ryan reynolds quartermain.
Erica: yes.
...I know.

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