Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why All My Friends Hate Me (part the first)

A friend of mine sent me a simple email today. Here it is:

Hey you!
so i realized that i still haven't sent you your
keys yet. i suck. sorry. and then i realized that i dont have your address
anymore. could you send it to me, please? i'll send your keys soon, i
hope camp was fun. over yet? we finished on Saturday, but i'm
staying for a few days to volunteer and hang out.
This email really didn't require me to write a novel back. If you read the following and think it's not too bad, you must have missed the part where I cut myself off because I realized I was going on a bit.

So yeah. I'm so ready to get out of here. It sucks that I never got a chance to visit. Believe me, I never had time. I think maybe I had one or two weekends where I didn't have any plans and I spent those weekends SLEEPING! Oh, joyous sleep.

So anyway. I hope camp went well for you. I wish I could have worked at Stronghold. Maybe next summer they can finangle a way to make me spending 3 months at Stronghold be my senior internship. Hey, it could happen. Ok, probably not.

So anyway, my address right now is ________Wilmington IL 60481 but I'm going to be at school soon and my address there will be ________ Normal IL 61761. At least I'm pretty sure that's my address. If not, that's where my Entertainment Weeklys (Weeklies?) are being sent, so my keys could hang out with my magazines.

I'm helping teach a pom camp right now and there is one girl that looks like a little mini Amy Curtis and one girl that looks like a little mini Jenny Lewis. It's crazy. I've managed to learn miniJenny's real name (Elena) but I can't remember miniAmy's name. I think it's Kayla. I beg of you right now do not name your child anything resembling the name "Kate." Last week I had a class with 7 girls in it and we had a Kaitlin, a Katie, and a Kaylee and this week we have 2 Katies, a Kate, Kayla and on and on and on. Just stay away from the letter K. It's dangerous.

So I'll leave you now with a very humorous story about a pom camper. So last week we had a group of 7 five year olds. On the last day I bought them chocolate cupcakes. As the last girl came up to get her cupcake she looked at me in a very sad way and asked me:
"Are these cupcakes healthy?"
I didn't know how to respond. I just looked at her and said "... they're chocolate cupcakes."
"But are they healthy?"
Then her mom came up and said "Yes, Delaney, they're very healthy." I played along: "Oh, yeah. It's the sprinkles that make them extra healthy." Her mom told me that apparently she's been on this health food kick for about a year. She's FIVE! I've never met a five year old like that before. I ran into her and her mom the next day at a special event and her mom pointed out that Delaney was eating a "healthy" Blow-Pop. She said that Delaney was so excited that I had brought healthy cupcakes as a treat. Kids are weird.

I have other stories to tell you (and I'm sure you have some for me, unless you actually spent the summer under a rock), but this isn't the time or the place.
I'm awesome.

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