Friday, August 25, 2006

Quote Me.

The quote section on my facebook profile was getting a tad out of hand, so I once again I needed to clean it up. So here are the quotes that have been taken off my profile to make way for new hilarity.

Erica: Quit stealing my brain thoughts!!

Erica: It's like beating a dead horse.
Katie: It's beating a hundred and fifty million infinity horses!

[While watching 'Prison Break']
Erica- "I did not hear what I know he just said..."
Me- "What did you hear?"
Erica- "I know he said something like "I should be out seeing my family right now" but I heard "I should be ass-raping my family right now."

"It's a Mother Fucking Walk-Off!!" - Danny V, Project Runway

Mal (on TV): "She'll break atmo..."
Erica: Did ya hear that, she'll break atmo.
Me: You'll break atmo.
Erica: You *are* atmo, and I *will* break you.

"Alright. I'll try a more serious note. You taste like cancer in a bottle." - My sister.

Erica: All I heard was "bananas."
Katie: B-A-N-N-A-N-S?
Me: Um... no.

Me: "So. How's about that sports team of mutual interest?"
Laura: "Tennis?"

(About the "Summertime" song)Erica: Makes you want to hump your cousin.

"Please, please stop talking about Tom Skerrit's old man, wrinkled, mustached, hand-holding, whistling balls!" - Ok, I said it, but Erica started it.

"I'm stuck in the door and I have a handful of vaginas." - Erica

Laura: True or False- They tested Saddam Hussein's DNA to see if it was really him.
Me: True?
Laura: Yeah.
Me: They couldn't just look at him?
Laura: All those overseasians look the same.
Me: All "overseasians?" So someone from Denmark looks the same as someone from China?
Laura: Yeah. They all look like Saddam Hussein.

"People in glass whorehouses shouldn't throw stones." - Roseanne

"We're triathletes. We run, we bike, we also... do the third thing." - Three To Tango

Me- I could marry Scott. He cooks, he cleans, he also... does the third thing.
Laura- I do the third thing too. I do it really well. I do it naked.

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