Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spinning Off

The following IM conversation has been edited for clarity, brevity, and grammar. If you're not a General Hospital watcher, I tried to provide links to character pages at wikipedia. That should help explain some things.

Me: SoapNet GH Spin-Off
Erica: I'm reading a post called "Jason Is a Punk Ass Bitch" lol
Me: I like it
Erica: Me too
Erica: I can't find the song I love from Monday though.
Me: Don't you hate that?
Erica: I DO! I may record it off the ep, which means I get the entire recap too.
Me: Hey man, we all know I have the song with Elizabeth yelling at Lucky. I enjoy it immensely.
Erica: Someone made a point that Lucky was hooked on pills which Liz said made him bad for kids, but Jason kills people and she's totally ok with that!
Me: Liz is a moron. I hate her more and more everyday.
Me: I just sent you my updated focus group agenda.
Erica: BOO liz. WOO agenda.
Me: Yeah don't get too excited about the agenda.
Erica: lol
Me: I hope it's good (gh:ns, not the agenda). I have a somewhat skewed view of "good" so they really don't have to do much. I'm just excited about what is esentially an extra ep of GH each week.
Erica: I know! WOO!
Erica: "When Chuck Norris plays Oregon Trail his family does not die from cholera or dysentery, but rather roundhouse kicks to the face. He also requires no wagon, since he carries the oxen, axels, and buffalo meat on his back. He always makes it to Oregon before you."
Me: Chuck Norris is really good at Oregon Trail.
Erica: I'm going to start an internet obsession like the Chuck Norris one with Mr. Craig.
Me: Good idea.
Erica: I think so. Mr. Craig would be the first player in the history of Oregon Trail to hunt his wagon mates instead of animals because "it was much more fun."
Me: "When Mr. Craig plays Oregon Trail, his family doesn't die from dysentery, but rather from gun shot wounds and witty comments."
Erica: LOL
Me: We're so cool.
Erica: We are.
Me: Grey's Anatomy Spin-off
Erica: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird
Me: Yeah. What's with all the spin-offs of my favorite hospital dramas?
Erica: I have no idea! It would be better if it said she was going to be on GH: Nightshift. lol
Me: Maybe they're creating a combined spin-off and where Addison moves back to New York state to take over (insert job title here) at General Hospital in Port Charles.
Erica: OOOH! Yes! And works side by side with Epiphany! And McSteamy flirts up Elizabeth and takes the whore away!
Me: This is a good idea.
Erica: Let's go with it.
Me: We're brilliant. Another storyline: Professor Creepy visits Patrick at the hospital and decides to hit on Addison. Addison is not interested. Prof. Creepy is unrelenting - Addison murders him and has to have... some one cool... Jason?... help her get rid of the body. Maybe Lucky can help her get rid of the body and then Lucky and Addison can get together.
Erica: Ooooooh. I like this. And Georgie stumbles upon them moving the body, so now they must shut her up!
Me: This is just too good.
Erica: hee hee. I love all the Michelle Rodriguez bashing going on online: "So, she really shouldn't get upset when I don't feel sorry for her. If I was a judge, I wouldn't let this lesbian Grim Reaper drive a Big Wheel much less a car. I'd at least take the airbags out of her car and replace them with cobras or anthrax. What, that stings? Maybe she should have thought of that before she decided to mix vodka shots with a school zone."

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