Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Minds Make The Same Dumb Mistakes

Laura had an extra credit worksheet that consisted of a bunch of Valentine's-y trivia questions. Mom was quizing me last night not because she didn't know most of the answers, but because she wanted to see how smart I am. The only things we really learned are that my sister is well-read and that mom and I think way too much alike.

Mom: Who was the romantic hero in Wuthering Heights?
Me: Heathcliff!
Mom: Yep! Heh- your sister wrote Heathcliff as two words.
Me: Like his first name is Heath and his last name is Cliff? Heath... Cliff.
Mom: Yeah, your sister's smart.
Me: Well it's not like she's read the book.
Mom: True.

Mom: On the set of what movie did Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall begin their affair?
Me: Ooooo... um- The African Queen?
Mom: That's what I guessed too. But Lauren Bacall wasn't in The African Queen, wasn't that Katharine Hepburn?
Me: Oh, yeah. I guess it was.
Mom: To Have and Have Not is the correct answer. Kinda strange that we both made that mistake.
Me: Yeah. The African Queen is kind of a random answer. We must have like, the same brain.

On a different note- Did anyone watch GH yesterday? I've never been more furious with fictional characters. I was throwing things at the TV and yelling. It was crazy. Shut up Liz! Shut up Skye! WTF Jason!? I love you Lucky! SHUT UP LIZ!!

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Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

Dude- My friend's and I are terrible at Valentine's Trivia. We always go and do trivia at TigerTown Tavern, but on V-Day we were horrible.

One was 5 movies that had the word "love" in the title. There were clues for each. We got only one, Shakespeare in Love. Of course we didn't have to fall back on. Anyway, you and your mom are twins.