Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Because I want you to have nightmares

Here are a few things to guarantee that you'll never sleep without a nightlight ever again:

1) A Creepy Pencil

2) The Gentlemen

I watched the Gentlemen episode of Buffy (Episode 4.10 "Hush") last week for the first time in more than five years. Holy. Crap. The Gentlemen are soooo creepy. I left the TV on that night because I didn't want to sleep in the dark. There's one shot in the episode that kept coming to mind when I was trying to fall asleep. The Gentlemen's minions have the first victim pinned to his bed and there's a shot from the victim's point of view of the Gentlemen floating up to either side of his bed. That shot's not in the little video I posted, I couldn't find one that was short enough for me to sit through that had it. I also find it endlessly creepy that they float. And that they have metal teeth. And that they cut the hearts out of their LIVE victims. And that they're so smiley and polite. That's just weird.

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