Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I will freely admit that I have not read all the books on my bookshelf in my bedroom. I even have a select few that I have no intention of reading (Project Pope, I'm looking at you. You were purchased for humor and irony). However, the vast majority of my books were purchased with the intention that one day I will read them. They were not purchased to decorate a shelf or to make me look smart. I'm already smart and, honestly, my room could do with a little less clutter.

Apartment Therapy today linked to a company that is selling three themed sets of paperback books. While the idea of grouping similarly themed books together isn't a bad idea, what pisses me off is that the books are listed in the HOME DECOR section of the company's website. These are for people who are far too concerned with what other people think of their book collections. Read all about it here.

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Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

This is a terrifying concept. I mean, the first time I go to someones house (or apartment) the first thing I do is judge them based on their book and DVD collections. This sort of thing could make me think they were intelligent and interesting when in fact they are posers with a credit card and internet access. Of course, I have to assume the display would give them away. I mean if there are 8 books stacked on a coffee table, but no bookshelves, no bookmarks hanging out, no stray books on the end tables... Well it would seem out of place and lead me to believe they were the only books you own.

On the other topic, the grouping, I've actually thought of doing this myself, mixed media. Put Ocean's 11 and Snatch with some James Bond books and the theme music from Dragnet. Maybe group my Lord of the Rings set with Chronicles of Narnia. My Led Zepplin and Doobie Bros. with Almost Famous and Walk the Line and Cash by Johnny Cash.

That could be totally awesome, right?