Sunday, September 07, 2008


Every once in a while, I will actually use my spare time doing something productive.

Recently, I used a bunch of old magazines to make myself a coffee table. I found the idea for this over on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest site (although, they used thicker magazines. Where they used two magazines to complete each circle, I used between 8 and 10). I've been lacking any sort of coffee table for months and I have years worth of Entertainment Weeklies lying about, so I was really glad to kill two birds with one stone here. The magazines that make up the table top are ones that I just couldn't fold, either because they had cool covers (Like Elton John with the caption "I'm Not Cranky!"), or hotties (Helloooo Matt Damon!). Also, anything with Heath Ledger on the cover didn't get folded, although only one made it onto the table top. It's actually a little uneven, but it's perfect to hold my fan or to set my drink down while I'm watching TV.

Also, I spent some time rearranging the furniture. I put my bed back against the wall, but that's not really interesting enough to warrant a picture. However, I finally found a place for my awesome silk scarf, which is now draped across my green chair. My mother hates this chair with the fire of a thousand suns. She'll be so happy when I move out and take that chair out of her house. It'll be like an exorcism.

I'm most proud of the pajama pants I made for myself. I bought this awesome "Nerds Rock!" fabric on clearance last week. I also bought the original Star Wars trilogy for 75 cents at a garage sale. Obviously I had to watch the movies while I made my pants. When was the last time you watched Star Wars? The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite, and I'm in love with Han Solo.

Here are my finished pants. The material is actually pretty thin, but they're still awesome. On my TV Luke and Leia are zipping around the forest moon of Endor.

I know you're jealous.


Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

I must be linked to this apartmenttherapy article immediately. I've got 30 cosmos and some extra thick Brides and InStyles and I have ZERO coffee tables. I do have a plethora of free time though.

Also, I'm jealous of both your pants and your Star Wars. I too lust after Han.

Oh, and I was there when you bought that killa scarf. Good times.

miranda. said...

I did link to it in my post, but here it is again: