Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pet Peeve

I've been big on apartment therapy this week, but tonight I saw a post that touched on one of my biggest pet peeves. The post is about one-sided toilet paper holders. The post and all of the comments talk about how much easier and less annoying it is to change the roll on one-sided holders than on normal holders.

OH COME ON! I will never understand this. When I use up a roll, I grab another. It's not difficult to change the roll! I happen to live in a house where half the people never change it, so usually I notice that there's no paper right away and change the roll while I'm peeing. So it's not like I'm taking any extra time to change the roll. You know what really pisses me off, though? When someone takes a new roll out, and just sets it on top of the old, empty roll. Ugh!!! You've taken the time to notice there's no paper, you've taken the time to get a fresh roll, but the ten seconds it would take to switch rolls was just too much for you? AHHHHH!!!

And you know what? When I grab the last extra roll from under the sink, I'll actually walk to the garage and grab more. That way I'll never be stuck in the bathroom with no toliet paper.

I wanted to post something along these lines on AT, but I didn't want my first comment to be calling everyone else lazy and inconsiderate.

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