Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I don't know what intern wrote this announcement for Jenny's facebook page thing, but he or she obviously doesn't understand basic grammar. "Its" vs "it's" is a really common mistake, but you'd think they could have proofread it. Also, check out the awkward commas and sentence structure. Most importantly, the song is freaking called "Jack Killed Mom."

As previously mention elsewhere, her new cd entitled, "Acid Tongue," is being released September 23, rather than an earlier mention of September 9th. Her new CD features some of her past tour favorites, including, "Jack Killed the Moon," "Carpetbaggers," and featuring the band, She & Him, Elvis Costello, among many other fabulous artists. So please go buy the album
when its released 9/23!

Despite the intense disappointment that was Under the Blacklight, and my lukewarm feelings toward the title track (hear it on Jenny's myspace), I will be purchasing this cd as soon as possible. I still love her.


Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

Where was this announcement posted? It's awful. Nonetheless, I will also be purchasing Jenny's album, because I have an enormous girlcrush on her.

Do you think there is a job market for people who troll the internet looking for grammatical errors? I love the blog, The Swamp, but they must publish in such a hurry that they do no proofreading whatsoever. Often sentences are half-jarbled, like "The president the president announced today that he supports Senator McCain's the presumptive Repulican nominee Senator John McCain's campaign for the presidency." It's exactly the way my sentences would look if I transcribed my stream of consciousness as I self-editted. Annoying to read.

miranda. said...

You know on facebook they have the new-ish pages for bands, movies, and tv shows and you can "become a fan" and you can get updates about when the band is going to be on tour or dvd updates for tv shows. I think politicians may also have pages, but I'm not sure if I'm a facebook fan of any political types. Anyway, this was posted as an update to Rilo Kiley's fan page on facebook. You would think Warner Brothers would have higher standards when hiring interns. I'm sure if "great communication skills" is a requirement of all the event planner jobs I'm applying for, then "basic grasp of proper sentence structure" should be a requirement to be a publicity intern for WB. Also- It would be nice if they could get the name of the song correct.