Friday, November 11, 2011

Liz Lemon!

My dad has discovered 30 Rock.

I'm not really sure how it took him so long, but now he loves it. Apparently he's been practicing his Tracy Jordan impression by walking around his office yelling "Liz Lemon!" It's his favorite non sequitur since the Lil Jon sketch on Chappelle Show introduced him to "What? Yeah!" Y'know, it's a good thing he's often alone at his office.

He's started watching it on Comedy Central, which is showing 2 episodes on weeknights starting at 6. This is the perfect time for him, because if he's working days he'll get home from work about 5:15-5:30, eat dinner right away, and then settle down in the family room to enjoy some TGS shenanigans. If I'm joining my parents for dinner (which is often, because I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping on a regular basis), I'll watch with him. It's fun to watch comedies with my dad because he has an awesome, booming laugh. He laughs loud enough for five people.

Last night was the two-part episode where Liz has to go to three weddings in the same day. After the cold open my dad turned to me and said what might be the greatest sentence he has ever uttered. It was originally the title of this post but I changed it so as to not spoil the surprise.

"I'm gonna need a fudgesicle!"

So that's pretty much the best description of my father ever. He's a loud laugher who enjoys offbeat comedies and fudgesicles. Who can blame him?

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