Monday, November 07, 2011

The Middle

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to not do housework, I decided to convert some more old home videos to DVD. Christmases 1991 and 1995 are real winners.

Both of these videos highlight how my sister and I were complete opposites when we were kids. My mom used to say that she could have put Laura and me in a bag, shook us up, and maybe normal kids would come out. We were always at opposite ends of any spectrum. In Christmas 1995, my 5 year-old sister barely hides her contempt for all her gifts that were not her My Size Barbie. Contrast that with young Miranda, who shows an equal level of enthusiasm for all of her gifts. And not like a mid-range level of enthusiasm either. Every present I open is the best present ever.

Laura developed a theory based on these videos. The reason we get along so well now is because I used up all my enthusiasm by being overly excited over socks, and she saved up all her pleasantness by literally throwing presents she didn't like (clothes) over her shoulder and out of the way of the good presents. So now she's nicer and I'm grouchier. We've met in the middle where we have an equal amount of enthusiasm for life.

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