Friday, November 04, 2011

Thank the Great Pumpkin for Netflix and MST3K!

I'm only four days in and I'm already having trouble coming up with something to write about. It's really kind of pathetic. I've had this window open for a couple hours now but I just keep watching episodes of Better Off Ted instead of writing. Speaking of Better Off Ted, have you watched it? It's pretty funny. Netflix has been recommending it to me forever but I never got around to watching it until a few nights ago. I fell asleep halfway through the first episode, not because it wasn't interesting, but because I'm an old lady who can't stay awake through a 21 minute show. And by "halfway through" I really mean that I fell asleep within the first five minutes but was woken up later in the episode by all the screaming. The screaming made sense when I watched the pilot episode again tonight, but when it woke me up the other night I was pretty sure I had dreamt it. Because, seriously, I wasn't expecting the screaming.

Netflix has pretty much been on a roll recently, recommendations-wise. Everything else the company has done recently has been clear evidence of severe guano psychosis, but their recommendation system seems to be making better suggestions. At least they make more sense than they did before. Right now two of the categories Netflix is recommending to me are "Romantic British Dramas" and "Teen TV Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead." And the "More Like Mystery Science Theater 3000: Bride of the Monster" is just a listing of a bunch of random MST3K episodes. Which all look seriously awesome. Oh, Netflix. Nobody understands me like you do.

Speaking of MST3K, Jaccie and I watched an awesome episode on Halloween: Pod People. The movie was the worst. Which means it was a fantastic MST3K episode. For some reason I assumed "Pod People" would be sort of like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." It's not. The episode is hilarious though. My poor mom doesn't understand the concept of MST3K, and kept begging us to switch it to something "good." We tried explaining that the movie being terrible was the whole point, but she didn't like that explanation. It's like she couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that the movie playing in the background is kind of irrelevant, and that the wise-cracking robots were what she was supposed to be paying attention to. She should be grateful we chose to watch Pod People, though. Originally we were just looking through Netflix's selection of horror movies, and were intrigued by the titles under the "campy horror" heading. Including, I shit you not, The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror. When we came across that one, we realized we didn't really want to watch a campy horror movie, we wanted to watch robots make fun of campy horror movies.

There, I wrote something. I'm going to bed. Peace out, y'all.

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